From Dan & I here at Tarlton's Lodge we hope you had a wonderful christmas and a great start to the New Year! We are so thankful for all the positive feedback and reviews we have received from you all. Running a Bed & Breakfast is one of the best ways to meet a myriad of people from all walks of life sharing unforgettable moments together. From bee keepers to NASA rocket engineers, marriage proposals to 50th wedding anniversaries!! Its been a fabulous year.... Speaking of marriage, Dan proposed to me on Christmas day! And I said yes. 

So once again from Dan and I to you and yours, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Back for Summer!

We've just re-opened for summer and are looking forward to another spectacular 8 months in this slice of paradise we call home. While we were closed, Dan and I travelled Europe with nothing but our backpacks and a guitar in pursuit of our shared passion for and dream of music. We had such a magical experience from street busking and private backyard concerts to festivals and corporate gigs. It also gave us the opportunity to search out what the secret is behind great holiday accommodation. I think we are both very excited to share what we've learned with you and will continue to strive for excellence.

We are hoping this summer to make some big environmental changes in order to reduce our carbon footprint which although sounds contrary, will start with changes to our breakfast menu as well as our own personal diets in the hope of becoming Vegan. This change will not be solely to ease our own conscience but in the hope of sharing and inspiring each and every one of our guests to do the same. All great things start from small beginnings.

Stay tuned, stay happy and for heaven's sake, stay a night at Tarlton's Lodge this summer!



News from the Lodge

As we posted on our Facebook page back in August, we've recently been removed from the Gay Stay website that promotes safe, gay-friendly accommodation. This was a decision they felt was necessary due to the fact that we are not a gay couple (and the previous owners were). This decision was taken out of our hands as we would have like to stay affiliated with this website. We have met some amazing people through the site, a number of which we can now call our friends. Just to reiterate, we are proud to provide safe and friendly accommodation to anybody within the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community and that will never change. 

We believe its what you give out, that you get back in return. There have been such wonderful guests who have stayed with us just over the last month that we happily jumped hoops for to make their stay as incredible as it could be. Speaking of awesome guests, a big congratulations to Courtney Griffiths who got engaged to her partner during their stay with us earlier this month! As well as Michele and David Buhler, a Canadian couple that mix their love for photography and writing in an honest and mesmerizing travel blog called "Two of Us" .

On to Paihia news, we've got the "It!" Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival that will be held on October 25th from 11am - 6pm. The kiwi icon's "Supergroove" will be playing live with  mouthwatering food and award winning vineyard, beer and cider tents to sample. Lots of fun to be had for the whole family with real kiwi-ana competitions like 'Kina sucking", "Oyster sucking and eating" and "Pie-eating" of course. Tickets are $49 per adult and can be purchased toll free at 0800 BUY TIX (289 849). We'll be down there for sure as the 25th of October marks the beginning of the summer season!

See you then!

Blues & Jazz Festival comes to Paihia!

What a crazy couple of storms we've had over the last few months! Road closures ruined long awaited holidays for some of our guests which I can imagine was frustrating. For the ones that made it I'm proud to say still managed to brave the elements and with ninja resilience, owned those spas. We learned the value of electricity (by a lack there-of), nylon thread, and flashlights. 

What I am trying to say, rather poorly, is that winter isn't half as bad living up North and it certainly doesn't seem to last as long! I could almost say its starting to feel like summer again. Almost.

Whats more, the Blues & Jazz Festival is here from the 8th-10th August! what a great weekend to be had in Paihia with 3 days of music, boasting over 150 hours of quality blues and jazz! $50 badges can be purchased from the Paihia Pacific Resort (#27 Kings Road) which will give you access to all 3 days of toe-tapping fun. This includes discounted ferries to Russell and a free shuttle bus that will take you to all the venues between Haruru Falls and Paihia. If you're arriving later in the weekend, they sell $30 passes too.

If your more like me, your low on cash I'd just go for a stroll down the main drag of Paihia as I'm almost certain there will be buskers playing for the love of it!



New Website!

Yay, our new website is up and running now - we hope you like it.

Big THANK YOU to Richard Brimer for the photos!  He's a modest guy, but between you and me,  he's pretty talented.  Check out his work HERE, or better yet - book him in for some photos.  Also a BIG thank you to Vicki Kinsey for her 'yoda' wisdom and guidance.  Smart cookie she is, yes.

On to Paihia news, we've got the Queens Birthday Weekend from Friday the 30th of May to Sunday the 1st of June. As part of this inaugural occasion is the Paihia Half Marathon. Tickets are $45 and can be purchased at Eventfinder: HERE.  Get in fast!

Every Thursday is the Bay of Islands Farmers Market.  Dan and I have made it our regular weekly stop for fresh local produce. Persimmons, macadamias, fig jams and other preserves, veggies galore, olive oil, wine and sweet, glorious, mouth-watering cheese. Check out the Grinning Gecko cheese stand (the Camembert is the best I've tasted, ever!). 

Kick start your Friday evening with the "Friday Social" for the next 2 weeks (30th May, 6th June) at 35 Degrees South Aquarium Restaurant and Bar.  Live music starts at 5:30pm! 

Until next time!