News from the Lodge

As we posted on our Facebook page back in August, we've recently been removed from the Gay Stay website that promotes safe, gay-friendly accommodation. This was a decision they felt was necessary due to the fact that we are not a gay couple (and the previous owners were). This decision was taken out of our hands as we would have like to stay affiliated with this website. We have met some amazing people through the site, a number of which we can now call our friends. Just to reiterate, we are proud to provide safe and friendly accommodation to anybody within the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community and that will never change. 

We believe its what you give out, that you get back in return. There have been such wonderful guests who have stayed with us just over the last month that we happily jumped hoops for to make their stay as incredible as it could be. Speaking of awesome guests, a big congratulations to Courtney Griffiths who got engaged to her partner during their stay with us earlier this month! As well as Michele and David Buhler, a Canadian couple that mix their love for photography and writing in an honest and mesmerizing travel blog called "Two of Us" .

On to Paihia news, we've got the "It!" Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival that will be held on October 25th from 11am - 6pm. The kiwi icon's "Supergroove" will be playing live with  mouthwatering food and award winning vineyard, beer and cider tents to sample. Lots of fun to be had for the whole family with real kiwi-ana competitions like 'Kina sucking", "Oyster sucking and eating" and "Pie-eating" of course. Tickets are $49 per adult and can be purchased toll free at 0800 BUY TIX (289 849). We'll be down there for sure as the 25th of October marks the beginning of the summer season!

See you then!