Blues & Jazz Festival comes to Paihia!

What a crazy couple of storms we've had over the last few months! Road closures ruined long awaited holidays for some of our guests which I can imagine was frustrating. For the ones that made it I'm proud to say still managed to brave the elements and with ninja resilience, owned those spas. We learned the value of electricity (by a lack there-of), nylon thread, and flashlights. 

What I am trying to say, rather poorly, is that winter isn't half as bad living up North and it certainly doesn't seem to last as long! I could almost say its starting to feel like summer again. Almost.

Whats more, the Blues & Jazz Festival is here from the 8th-10th August! what a great weekend to be had in Paihia with 3 days of music, boasting over 150 hours of quality blues and jazz! $50 badges can be purchased from the Paihia Pacific Resort (#27 Kings Road) which will give you access to all 3 days of toe-tapping fun. This includes discounted ferries to Russell and a free shuttle bus that will take you to all the venues between Haruru Falls and Paihia. If you're arriving later in the weekend, they sell $30 passes too.

If your more like me, your low on cash I'd just go for a stroll down the main drag of Paihia as I'm almost certain there will be buskers playing for the love of it!