Back for Summer!

We've just re-opened for summer and are looking forward to another spectacular 8 months in this slice of paradise we call home. While we were closed, Dan and I travelled Europe with nothing but our backpacks and a guitar in pursuit of our shared passion for and dream of music. We had such a magical experience from street busking and private backyard concerts to festivals and corporate gigs. It also gave us the opportunity to search out what the secret is behind great holiday accommodation. I think we are both very excited to share what we've learned with you and will continue to strive for excellence.

We are hoping this summer to make some big environmental changes in order to reduce our carbon footprint which although sounds contrary, will start with changes to our breakfast menu as well as our own personal diets in the hope of becoming Vegan. This change will not be solely to ease our own conscience but in the hope of sharing and inspiring each and every one of our guests to do the same. All great things start from small beginnings.

Stay tuned, stay happy and for heaven's sake, stay a night at Tarlton's Lodge this summer!