November 28, 2018

Time marches on – Katalina had a total knee replacement in March accompanied by post-operative surgery in the following months and in June, Mila, a new little angel and my new granddaughter was born, for a total of four granddaughters to date and here we are now with what looks like another busy summer season. 

In May this year we received a review from a guest who made the following comment: “Would have preferred the hot tub & balcony to be more private & segregated better from other rooms”.  As you can see from our reviews, we rarely get any recommendation for improvement. Nevertheless, our guest was right.  I already had it in mind to increase the privacy of each rooms’ terrace by extending the walls on the terrace which segregate the rooms.  At the end of July and early August I extended these walls which has made each room’s terrace and spa significantly more if not totally private and exclusive without any narrowing of the existing ocean panoramic view.

At the end of October, we had another suggestion which we acted on.  That suggestion was that the breakfast coffee could be improved.  This puzzled me as we serve very strong Italian style drip Caffe Aurora Medaglia D’oro and use a plunger style coffee maker.  Being a bit of a coffee aficionado, having lived and worked in South America and Turkey, I always served generous portions of coffee to ensure each guest not only gets a strong brew, but as much strong coffee as they need to ensure they kick-start their day.  Recently we have been testing other blends of coffee and have settled on a new one which Katalina swears is an improvement.

Other improvements were new curtains and cushions in each guest room; reorganization of the small gardens facing each room – uprooting and replacing vegetation which was blocking the view from your seat in the spa; replacement of the fence on the north-west side of the property which blocks out the adjoining property and more…

From the middle of August until mid-September, immediately after all the work on Tarltons Lodge, we shut the Lodge down and went to Fiji for six weeks.  We have a rental property there which requires annual maintenance.  We didn’t get much rest as termites had gotten into one flat destroying the kitchen cabinetry. The flat had to be gutted and rebuilt, as well as all the other annual maintenance issues.  Now added to the annual risk of damage from a hurricane, we are faced with the risk and damage from a termite infestation.

We have already had several honeymoon and anniversary couples.  One anniversary couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!  It was an honour to be part of their special occasion. Last Sunday night was a clear sky and full moon which cast a moonglow on the water in the channel below, that was indescribably beautiful. Today guests from Bavaria just arrived for a five-night stay and the weather could not be improved.

We do much enjoy swapping traveller’s stories, with our guests, but most of all enjoy seeing their initial stress on arrival dissolve into relaxed contentment after a few days spent in the relaxing setting of Tarltons Lodge, where a tranquil silence pervades, and a complete absence of any traffic noise exists, interrupted only by bird song.

We look forward to meeting you all, our new guests when you arrive on our doorstep.