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A trip to New Zealand is not complete without visiting the Bay of Islands - not just for its warm, sheltered waters, white sand beaches and abundant marine life, but because of its fascinating history.

It was here in the Northland region that the Maori voyager Kupe first set foot, followed by Captain Cook in 1769.  In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed here by Maori and Pakeha (Europeans) and our journey as a nation began.

Experience the stunning natural beauty of the Bay's 144 islands.  Visit the awe-inspiring Hole in the Rock, watch dolphins at play and/or swim with them in New Zealand's warmest waters.  Travel further north along Ninety Mile Beach and stand at the tip of Aoteraroa, where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean collide.

Fullers have operated in the Bay since 1886. They offer a great range of cruises and tours. 
As booking agents for their tours, we are able to offer you a discounted rate when booking online. 
Check out the details of the tour options below.

The Cream Trip 5.jpg

Cream Trip - Day in the Bay

Join us for a ‘day in the Bay’ and see the best of the region with our most comprehensive cruise.  This full day cruise is a truly ‘Kiwi’ experience with its laid back, relaxed pace. The Cream Trip allows you to do it all, following the original route established by Albert Ernest Fuller in 1927 to transport goods to the outlying islands. Back then the route took three days and cost five shillings! These days you get to do all the best bits: cruise around forest-fringed islands with golden sand beaches, learn about the history of the region, see dolphins and whales in the wild, go boom-netting and if conditions permit, swim with dolphins in the wild (additional $30 per person).


  • Dolphin viewing

  • Dolphin swimming - additional $30 per person

  • Hole in the Rock

  • Island stopover

  • Island deliveries

  • Boom-netting

  • The Black Rocks & Marsden Cross


Cape Reinga via 90 Mile Beach (3).jpg

Cape Reinga & 90 Mile Beach Day Tour

A visit to New Zealand is not complete without a trip to its northernmost point, Cape Reinga. Stand at the iconic Cape Reinga lighthouse and see the place where the mighty Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea collide. Your driver guide will share with you the Māori legends of this immensely spiritual place. Along the way you’ll also drive along the sands of Ninety Mile Beach and navigate Te Paki Stream, surf down massive sand dunes, explore a forest of ancient kauri trees, and tuck into a free lunch of fresh fish and chips at the beautiful Houhora Heads.


  • Travel along Ninety Mile Beach

  • Cape Reinga Lighthouse

  • Sandboarding at Te Paki Stream

  • Free lunch of fresh fish & chips

  • Informative commentary

  • Giant kauri trees at Puketi Forest


Dolphin Eco Experience 5.jpg

Dolphin Eco - Experience

Dolphins are incredible creatures: gentle, intelligent and very ‘human’ in their behaviours and interactions. The Bay of Islands is frequently visited by pods of both bottlenose and common dolphins, and our expert staff can recognise many of them by their names and markings. Observe  them up close in their own environment on our purpose-built vessel complete with super low viewing decks and even an underwater microphone. If conditions permit, grab a snorkel and swim with the dolphins in New Zealand’s warmest waters (additional $30 per person).


  • Dolphin swimming - additional $30 per person

  • Dolphin viewing guaranteed

  • Purpose built intimate vessel

  • Lowest viewing decks

  • Limited passenger numbers

  • Underwater microphones

  • Passionate expert guides