Hi, we're Peter, Katalina!

Peter, Katalina and our daughter Natasha and her partner Dan have managed Tarlton's Lodge since March 2014, and are enjoying the experience.  Paihia is such a beautiful place to live! 

We have a long history, having been married for 39 years.  We met in the Vava'u Group of the Tongan Islands, Katalina's birthplace, in 1980 and have been married ever since.   Peter was sailing single-handed across the Pacific, bound for Australia, in his engineless 25 foot sailboat.  In Vava'u he saw Katalina performing traditional Tongan Dance with her brothers and sisters,  at a Tongan Feast,  for the tourists on the beach . Following that day, the  Australian destination was abandoned and three months later we were married in a Tongan ceremony.  Since then,  we have travelled overseas extensively, both in our 50 foot steel, blue water sailing yacht which Peter built singlehanded,  and while working in the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide in many countries: Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America, the Caucasus, Turkey, Australia, Canada and the US. Our home base for sixteen years, prior to moving to New Zealand to manage Tarltons Lodge was the Fiji Islands, where we still have a home. 

We all have fantastic stories to tell and we most enjoy hearing those stories from our guests. 

We look forward to meeting you....


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